Life is cruel yet beautiful.

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Hope is which keeping me alive Turning off the light every night Made me feel empty like shell Shell from which the pearl is taken I fight with the inner of me every day Hope is which keeping me alive


Walking under blue sky Abandoning behind every lie; Trying to start a new life Like a empty ocean dive Samiullah.


Heart. A poor little thing, sitting on the shore Shore of deep dark ocean,shining with pearls of memories Waiting for the wave of hope when the last one has already passed It is beating in eternal silence Beating by habit not by choice Conflicting with boundaries of world Boundaries of wrong and right Samiullah

Letter to my younger self

Me2021 To my dear self Helo! I know you are facing problems these days you are lonely because no one is there for you but yourself.You are strong you have to be.This is temporary.It will pass one day.You will be free from boundaries.The boundaries which everyone is trying to fix on your edges.You are more…

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